About Us

Upper Canada Academic School (UCAS) offers an enrichment program to elementary school students.  Our focus is on building a strong foundation for students to be life-long learners. Our small classes, with 6-1 student to teacher ratio, ensures each student has sufficient individual attention to achieve academic success.  All curriculum courses are taught by certified teachers.

We are proud of our roots in teaching abacus and mental math through our sister company, Markham Abacus and Mental Math. Our abacus and mental math program has helped hundreds of students build a strong foundation in math. The confidence in math that they build through the abacus program not only transfers to academic excellence, but also promotes their interest in math. Following the success of our abacus program, UCAS was launched with the inspiration to help our students achieve success in other disciplines. Through our academic and arts programs, students build both a breath and depth of knowledge that helps them flourish academically and lead a healthy balanced lifestyle.


UCAS focuses on students in elementary school because we strongly believe the mould for life-long academic success begins in the early years. Confidence, work ethics, intrigue and desire for challenges are all essential values for success. We strive to encourage these values in our students through a fun learning environment that is attentive to the needs of each student.