Our Academic Program

At UCAS, we believe the learning environment is the most important factor that affects a student's ability to learn. We strive to create the best learning environment by matching the right teachers with the right students. Our curriculum classes are taught by certified teachers. With a ratio of 6 students per teacher, our teachers are attentive to each student's individual needs. We group our students together based on their academic level. With students at the same level, the teacher does not need to rotate his/her time between students that are learning different content, and the class is able progress at a faster pace. 


This advanced Math class in taught in a small group by a certified Math teacher. Students are grouped together based on their academic level. This allows the class to progress at a fast-pace, and ensure each student is challenged to their fullest potential. The curriculum incorporates components from Singapore and Shanghai Math. For each math topic, the students are first introduced to the concepts, followed by practice exercises to make sure each student understands the new concepts. The students then work on word problems to help them develop a deeper understanding of the concepts and how they are applied to the real world. Finally, students are challenged with competition level questions to gain an advanced understanding of the concepts.


This advanced English class is taught in a small group by a certified English teacher. The small class size creates an engaging and interactive setting where each student has an opportunity to participate comfortably. Core literacy components like vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension and writing are not the sole focus of this class. Equally important are active participation in group discussions, where students are encouraged to think critically, and speak confidently of his/her thoughts, and challenge or support those of their peers. Students are also encouraged to learn from each other by critiquing assignments completed by their peers. 

Public Speaking

The goal of the class is to help students feel comfortable speaking in a public setting. The small class size, combined with fun activities, give the students a safe environment they feel comfortable to speak in. Students will learn and practice techniques to help them overcome public speaking anxiety. Next, students learn how to be an effective speaker. They learn how to use their voice, movement, and pace to highlight important points and add dramatic effects. They learn how to use eye contact to communicate with the audience and keep them focused on the presentation. They also learn how to engage the audience by asking questions, and how to answer questions from the audience. At last, students will learn how to write inspirational speeches, and practice different techniques to help them memorize the speeches.

Class Schedule

Our Fall 2020 class schedule will be available soon. Please check back later.